About us

Founders Ryan and Chelsea posing in front a painting of Mickey and Minnie Mouse
We at Adventure Lens have always been enamored by all things fantasy, and became theme-park junkies early on in our lives. Sunglasses were always a key item on our packing lists, but they always seemed to take away from our park outfits instead of enhance them. We wanted to make a product that would mirror our love of subtly and fantasy, and yet still have all the features of higher-end designer frames for a reasonable price.

Early on we decided our frames would be polarized and meet the industry standard of UV400 -- UV400 is a fancy way to say our sunglasses provide 99-100% UV protection, blocking both UVA and UVB radiation.

Polarization is important; it blocks glare which is not only annoying, it can be dangerous because it can affect visibility. This coating provides added protection from glare especially off of water and acts as a special filter that blocks the intense glare caused by reflected light.

Our sunglasses have flex-hinges; we added this for all day comfort and to help fit a wider range of faces with a subtle hug. It also brings less chance of damage when taking them on and off. 

No one likes to have to take off their sunglasses or glasses in order to unlock advanced tech like mobile phones and laptops. Thankfully with our sunglasses, you don't have to! We've vetted our sunglasses to be sure they pass this test.